Notes on Nuts

Note on Nuts: pregnant or lactating women from atopic families - where classical allergies such as asthma, hay-fever, urticaria (skin rashes), rhinitis (recurrent sneezing and watering of the nose) or eczema exist in family members - should avoid peanuts (actually a pulse) and nuts in their own diet as sensitisation to these foods can occur in the womb and through breastfeeding.

These foods should not be introduced into the diet of infants of such atopic mothers until at least three years of age or at a time recommended by a doctor. However for the majority of infants peanuts and nuts are an important addition to the diet and can be introduced into the diet from six months of age provided they are of a suitable texture such as smooth nut butters.

Whole nuts should not be given to children under five years of age due to the risk of choking.